Tree Frog Lane
  1. Price: $179,000
  2. Days On Market: 171
  3. Acreage: 3.34 acres
  4. Pool: No
  5. Waterfront: No
  6. Year Built: Not Available
MLS#: G4852243
  1. County: LAKE
  2. City: EUSTIS
  3. Zipcode: 32736
  4. Subdivision: Wandering Ponds
  5. Elementary School: Seminole Springs. Elem
  6. High School: Eustis
  7. Provided by: TREE FROG REALTY, LLC
Just the right mix of oak trees and cleared land. Only 11 lots in this unique upscale rural community. Neighbor across the street is building a 4,000 sq ft MOL home. HOA is currently not active and no [Read More]

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